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around 1955
H 78 cm W 135 cm D 74,5 cm Container H 55 cm W 42 cm D 74 Sketchboard W 84 cm D 60 cm
Walnut and Maple
very good original condition
Specific Characteristics:
Drawer`s extensions in solid wood, sketchboard adjustable telescopic and tilt, first-class joinery, signed under the top-board
3.800 €

about this Item:
Unusual writing and drawing table produced as single-item. Following the signature located on the bottom, it will probably this desk was made for examination certificate of a master degree course at a design college.
The combination of thoughtful design and excellent carpentry work also speaks for it. Wood connections partly are tapped and fitted with wooden dowels, partly designed as a dovetail-joint. All sliding mechanisms are also executed completely in a professional manner in wood.
The clear, constructive design, supported by the elegant two-tone color of the wood used, makes this desk a genuine specimen of value.

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more Informations:

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02327 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 02328 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023210 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g
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023213 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023214 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023215 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g
023216 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023217 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023218 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g
023219 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023220 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023221 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g
023222 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023223 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023224 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g
023225 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g 023226 schreibtisch_einzelstueck_basel_g