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Caruelle Table
Georg Albert Ulysse Caruelle (France)
around 1940
EMBRU, Rütli
H 67/100 cm W 52/99 cm, large plate 51cm x 41 cm, small plate 26 cm x 26 cm
Walnut wood and burnished metal
good, original condition
Specific Characteristics:
Adjustable height, large tabletop swivel and tilt, foot extendable
on request

about this Item:
A small multi-purpose table with a variety of adjustment options. It maybe used as a side table, as well as a small work table by the bed or sofa. One plate is provided as a stand inclined, the height is variable, so that you can work around this table also standing.
The table is manufactured very solid.
Since 2012, this table of Embru is restored. We have more than one item in stock.
more Informations:
Caruelle Table at EMBRU

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