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Chair Kazuki
Kazuhide Takahama
SH 45 cm W 46 cm D 47 cm H 107 cm
Rosewood, partially solid, black Leather
very good condition
Specific Characteristics:
in this material combination not available anymore

about this Item:
Chair from 1969, designed by Kazuhide Takahama, Japanese architect and designer who lives and works in Milan. Kazuhide Takahama works primarily as a furniture designer for Gavina.
In this furniture the Japanese origin of the designer is to be considered as well as the reference to the Bauhaus tradition. In 1965, he designed a series of chairs, which he gives the names of the children of Marcel Breuer.
The chair Kazuki is still in production today, the combination of material offered by us can be found, however, only in the original.

The chair Kazuki boasts a clear design, which maybe cautiously added to already existing interior, on the other hand exudes an individual presence. This is underlined by the choice of materials and excellent workmanship. Leather-covered cushions in the seat and backrest are supported by two massive slabs of rosewood. The color combination of expressive rosewood with black leather surface looks remarkably refined and completes the picture of this chair.

Kazuki can be due to its timeless design confidently be described as classic, which expresses the claim Gavinas, to oppose the form of neglect in modern mass design, in a perfect way.

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Kazuhide Takahama

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