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13811 stehleuchte halo mobil baltensweiler schweiz 1973

Article Name:
Floor Lamp Halo Mobil
around 1973
Baltensweiler + Co, Ebikon
H 168 bis 220 cm, Beam 155 cm
Aluminum, anodised, chromium-plated metal, plexiglass, illuminant: high voltage halogen R7S max. 300W dimmable. Recommendation: IRC 225
good condition with traces of use
Special Remarks:
Lamp can be adjusted in height by means of a weight / pull cable system and can be turned around its own axis, reflector rotatable. The state can be called as nearly unused.
2.600 €
eBay Auktion:
about this Object:
A very distinctive and extraordinary loor lamp due to the playful adjustment mechanism. The luminaire can be adjusted with one hand on the Plexiglas adjustment wheel both around the axis and easily adjusted in height.
Reflector, stand and lamp head are made of high quality.
This lamp is still manufactured today and costs about 3,600 €. With us you get this timeless model in good condition at an excellent price.
Further Informations: