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Scriptorium with Bookcase, Desk and Deskchair
Hans Buser
Traugott Simmen + Cie. AG
see description
American walnut, cherry wood, aluminium, polished aluminium tube, original cover
very good original condition
Specific Characteristics:
exceptional ensemble with light signs of aging

about this Item:

Complete scriptorium ensemble by Hans Buser, manufactured in Switzerland by Traugott Simmen + Cie. AG. The ensemble consists of a desk with drawer unit and an adjustable typewriter shelf, a bookcase or filing cabinet and a swivel chair.

The cabinet is equipped with several shelves in the closed cabinet containers and two glass shelves in the middle section. The larger cabinet compartment is provided with a sliding door which is lockable by means of a claw lock. The original keys are present.

At the bottom, provided with sliding doors, there is a shelf. Footstrips and moldings from aluminuim at the edges.

The desk also has footstrips and edge trim made ​​of aluminum. The adjustable aluminum shelf can be moved up and down by means of a suspended cable through a counterweight. The tray is rotatably mounted and can be concealed under the desktop when not in use.

Interior cabinet and desk are made from solid cherry wood with excellent quality, the outer surfaces are veneered with American walnut. The door of the desk contains additional departments. The table top is covered with artificial leather and covered with a glass plate.

The swivel desk chair is made of polished aluminium tube and has a solid rotation mechanism of iron. The pad still has the original upholstery and cover.

For this furniture is also still the original sales documents in the form of sketches and photos available in a closed folder.

Related to the age of this group the objects show only little age patina, all functions are given. A very rare and unique group with museum character.



H 164 cm W 156 cm D 35 cm above 50 cm bottom  D 42 cm foot 
left side 1 cupboard with sliding doors and three shelves, right side 1 compartment with door, 2 cabinet drawers open, the middle department open with one shelf and two glass shelves.


H 71 cm W 149.5 cm D 77 cm, machine tray 43.5 cm x 42 cm, desk cabinet H 66 cm W 35 cm D 70 cm, 5 compartment in cabinet door, cabinet with 4 drawers.

Swivel Armchair

SH 44 cm H 68 cm W 54 cm D 52 cm, polished aluminium tube, original upholstery and cover.

more Informations:
Simmen Company in the Aargau Museum

Hans Buser in Innendekoration 1930 (Magazine, German)


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