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6 Chairs
Nils O. Möller
design 1959
J.L. Möller
H 77 cm B 50 cm T 45 cm
Solid teak, braided cord
good, original condition
Specific Characteristics:
with very few signs of wear. Very well preserved teak chairs of careful previous owner, Non smoking and no pets! Braid almost perfectly.
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about this Item:

These sculptural Danish chairs were designed in best manufacturing. After more than 50 years, the furniture shows more beautiful than on the first day: the solid teak has acquired a charming patina from the use, the cord braid was renewed properly recently. 

The table shown on the last picture is not part of this auction. You can find the table in this auction.
more Informations:

09231 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 09232 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 09233 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959

09234 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 09235 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 09236 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959
09237 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 09238 6_stuehle_teak_nils_otto_moeller_no_75_daenemark_1959 092215 ausziehtisch_massiv_teak_daenemark_1975